spank bound gay porn

Olive skinned Leo Forte is especially worthy at ensuring that Troy Daniel’s soreness is mixed with fun. When that guy ropes Tony onto a padded fuck bench, about the merely thing the captive can do is rear his arse upward. Leo meets it face first, roughing up that arse with unfathomable tonguing and crude double-finger fucking. And then Leo destroys it with an relentless caning until the quivering flesh is distressed as an old saddle. Troy’s near delirious with torment when Leo releases him, and the slutty submissive gives Leo such a severe face fucking the boy can hardly stand up. They trade blow jobs until they’re sexy for the hardest dick manipulation they can dish up. They beat off like demons until Leo’s battered balls splatter their steamy loads against Troy, and the feverish submissive flails his uncircumcised meat so ferociously that his slit finally belches its big white globs. But they can not stop. Leo lays some forceful asshole preppin’ on Troy, getting his trench nice and loose for the depth charge of a glass probe. Its bulbous head pops over Troy’s tightly clenched gash. And then Leo throws such an heavy fuck that neither can bear the extreme sensation, and arctic white cum loads blaze across their bellies.

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